Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

I Modi Press is currently open for quality submissions of 10,000 words or more.

We are seeking well-crafted stories with lots of steamy sex, a strong romance element, solid plot and research and interesting well-developed characters. All major genres are welcome–contemporary, paranormal, historical, LGBT, BDSM, sci-fi, fantasy and any others we may have missed.

The Don’ts

NO pedophilia (no children involved in ANY sexual situations).

NO rape as titillation or for sensationalism. Rape may be used as part of the plot action, especially supporting character development, but MAY NOT be presented with the intent to stimulate erotic excitement or pleasure; no explicit sexual details may be shown. The hero may not be a rapist; rape is not redeemable.

NO necrophilia. (Vampires, as long as conscious, are okay—they are undead, not dead.) Zombies are on a case by case basis.

NO bestiality. Sex between shapeshifters in their animal form or sentient creatures from other worlds in sci/fi or fantasy may be acceptable, subject to all other rules. NO animals indigenous to Earth. They are as defenseless as children.

NO guns, knives or other weapons stuffed in various gentalia or certain anatomic orifices. It’s sad that this even has to be stated, but there it is.

NO incest (that includes first cousins and step-parents) or pseudo-incest.

NO bodily functions as sexual activity (for example, scat)


Format guidelines

Submission should indicate in the cover email the title, genre and word count.

Manuscript submissions should:

1)      Include a brief synopsis (no more than 2 pages). Yes we all dread writing a synopsis, but it gives the editors a general map of your plot and characters. It shows your novel has a plan. This will allow us to better edit the full manuscript, if it is accepted.

2)      Manuscript should be a WORD document only. Any other formats will be returned unread.

3)      Times New Roman, 12pt (exclusive of chapter headings and title), normal margins, double space, left justified. Use italics and bold sparingly.

4)      No section breaks, page numbers, headers or footers.

5)      Page break at the end of each chapter only. Begin next chapter at the top of the next page

6)      Under paragraph in the tool bar/Indentation/ “Special” dropdown menu select “first line”. Check the box for “don’t add space between paragraphs of same style”

7)      Chapter numbers should be centered at top and always the same number of lines from the top of the page.

8)      Quotation marks and apostrophes will be the curled variety and em-dashes will be solid.

ABOVE ALL, please read your manuscript and have other critical and constructive eyes review it for typos and gross inconsistencies.  Poorly pre-edited manuscripts will be returned.

Addressing the above technical issues will make edits easier and save time in the long run, if your manuscript is accepted. And put your best professional foot forward.


Submissions may be mailed to The subject line should include: Submission [title] from [pen name]. Indicate your legal name in the body of the submission email. Professional courtesy would include an indication if you have submitted to other publishers. We do not accept agented work at this time (you do not have to be represented by an agent)

Submission does not guarantee acceptance. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. If you have not received a response in 30 days, feel free to touch base for an update. If you receive and accept an offer from another publisher or agent, please notify us as soon as possible.

April 2015